Brand Betrayal: Lance Armstrong

By Jeffrey A. Lupisella

Lance Armstrong - Washington PostI used to be a big Lance Armstrong fan. I never met him, but I loved his story and greatly admired his tenacity, mental toughness, physical strength, and courage. His battle against cancer was inspiring and legendary. This article isn’t meant as an indictment on his accomplishments. Nor am I passing judgment on him. I don’t know if he’s done what many have claimed he has. I can only surmise that his decision to give up fighting the doping allegations leveled against him and the International Cycling Union’s decision to strip him of his seven Tour de France victories means there is some substance to the allegations.

So, what does this have to do with branding? A lot, actually.

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Vizual Wins 13 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards


Branding Communications Firm Awarded for Design Work

HERNDON, VA – October 9, 2012 – Vizual, Inc., a Northern Virginia branding communications firm, was awarded 13 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) American Graphic Design Awards. The American Graphic Design Awards is an annual contest that honors excellence in the graphic design community. Of the 8,000+ entries GDUSA received for their four decade old flagship competition, only 15% received an Awards Certificate of Excellence.

Vizual submitted 30 entries with some being in multiple categories, and out of those, 13 received awards. Some of the projects submitted included email blasts, Flash ads, websites, direct mail pieces, brochures, annual reports, and more. Here is a list of Vizual’s winning entries:

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The Branding Pyramid

By Jeffrey A. Lupisella

One of the many reasons why I love branding and working with our clients is that we get to know a lot of people in a lot of different industries. We spend a lot of time learning intimately about their products and services to help serve them well. And, we enjoy helping them understand what we do as a firm and, more importantly to them, how branding can serve their organizations.

In general, we’re a pretty visual (no pun intended) bunch here at Vizual. But branding isn’t just about the visual experience. It’s also about communicating your message and giving your audience their desired experience to achieve a higher purpose. Many of our clients are very visual as well, so we enjoy spending time gathering the requirements, interpreting their ideas, and understanding their needs in order to come up with effective solutions that help us meet their goals and objectives.

When we meet with potential clients, one of the questions that comes up often relates to the process of branding. We usually explain the branding process through the use of a branding pyramid. There are different types of branding pyramids out there and many of them are for specific types of branding such as personal branding, corporate branding, and product branding.

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