Over the years, we've been able to develop a successful branding process that yields results.


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Too often outsourced marketing simply executes and is not a value add to the process. Your team is proactive, always meets deadlines and has created branding and marketing that has been outstanding."

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Our Process — The Art and Science of Producing Results

We succeed by balancing creativity and control—working both sides of our brain on every project. To deliver consistently powerful results, we follow an effective and proven process for all of our projects. In our research and analysis phase, we learn what we need to deliver the results you seek. During concept development and refinement, we work our magic to summarize your message creatively and succinctly; and in production and implementation, we put our plan into reality.

Below is the proven process we follow. While some of the items listed may not be applicable to your particular needs depending on your project's complexity and scope, many of them will:

Research & Analysis

  • Conduct initial launch meeting to introduce our project team and their roles and responsibilities
  • Confirm project specifications, your expectations, schedule and budget
  • Collect and analyze supporting material and documentation
  • Discuss possible design and marketing message solutions
  • Produce production schedule for project's development and completion
  • Develop a creative brief to verify project's strategic and creative direction and its goals and objectives

Concept Development & Refinement

  • Explore design and marketing message solutions
  • Create and present initial design comprehensives for your review
  • Listen to your feedback and suggest improvements
  • Reexamine and improve upon creative solutions
  • Execute agreed-upon refinements
  • Determine conceptual design and marketing solution for final implementation
  • Research and review fabrication options and budgetary status

Production & Implementation

  • Produce final design solution
  • Present final comprehensive for your review
  • Listen to your feedback and suggest improvements
  • Refine solutions and prepare files for final fabrication
  • Verify final fabrication specifications, quantities, delivery and schedule
  • Coordinate with vendors to ensure quality, accuracy, and follow-through